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Welcome to TechUnder10.

I'm Neal, and I'll be your tour guide through my little slice of the internet. I'm a recent marketing grad from Toronto, and (like many of you,) I'm a total tech junkie. I love unique and unusual gadgets, and would rather play with a tiny solar-powered car or a cardboard VR headset over the latest iteration of the iPhone 8+ any day of the week.

Last year, I started searching for a site where tech-lovers could score some awesome gifts and gadgets for about the same price as a grande chai latte (with extra whipped cream). After weeks of looking, the site I had envisioned in my head didn't exist- so with the help of /r/entrepreneur, Sheridan College, and Shopify, I built my own.

Our goal is simple- to bring you the best quality tech from around the net, without breaking the bank. We work with a network of suppliers and manufacturers around the globe to keep prices low, products cool, and support fast.

If you're a customer with questions or you just want to chat, drop me a line! You can reach me through my contact form, or directly at

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